Kathleen Leo is always open to partake in fundraising and charity events. Kathleen who grew up in a traditional Romani family as a child, was taught that the Romani people must remain separate from the outside world. However, as she grew into adulthood, Mrs Leo realized with the help of her grandmother that her deep Romani traditions and the ancient and mystical teachings of spiritual therapy could help others. So, for more than 15 years  she has helped thousands of clients around the world reach their goals and lasting spiritual understanding and wellness to live their best life. Kathleen partakes in spirirtual meditations in some of the most ancient of places and churches. Mrs Leo has and continues to cooperate with many fundraising events for different meaningful and purpose filled causes that she partakes in around the world. Kathleen Leo also is well known to be a cheerful philanthropist herself. With being an ambassador for the Romani culture and working very closely with Numerous Romanian Charities Kathleen has traveled around the world to talk about the importance of equality in other cultures and growth from old traditions that stop the modernized growth of certain cultural communities and for those reasons are ridiculed to racism and judgment from the outside world.